Nobody Cares, Work Harder

Ah, the loving words given to us by Phil Sempier, owner of CrossFit Flemington (NJ). Phil is a person who did it; he started out on his path about two decades ago when he realized he didn’t want to slave away in corporate America making other people rich. Despite making a healthy income; he decided he’d rather work for himself while helping other people become healthier. He went all in and didn’t give himself failure as an option. He had a few different versions of this path before he settled on owning and operating a Crossfit gym; and the rest, as they say, is history. His unshaken faith that anyone can be stronger and healthier is contagious, and I can say from first hand experience his training system and extensive knowledge produces results. You can find Phil at his “box” aka Crossfit gym in Flemington NJ (where you’ll also find me at the 5:30am classes ;-P)

If you want to be a healthier, better version of yourself; check out Crossfit Flemington at or on Instagram @crossfitflemington

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