Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book Your Wedding Photographer

If you’re getting married this year, chances are you’ve already started planning for the big day. But have you thought about booking your wedding photographer yet? Many engaged couples make the mistake of waiting until spring to book their wedding photographer, but that could be a costly mistake! Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to book your wedding photographer—because of Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day engagements, plus people ready to spend their tax return, plus with the new year couples realize they’re running out of time.

Christmas & New Year’s Engagements
As we approach the end of December, many couples are opting to get engaged over the holiday season. This is great news for anyone hoping to tie the knot soon! However, it also means that everyone who got engaged during this time will be looking for a photographer in January and February. As such, those months tend to be very busy for photographers as they try to accommodate all of these newly-engaged couples. If you want your wedding photos taken by one of the top photographers in your area, then it pays not to wait until winter or early spring before securing a booking.

Tax Returns & Valentine’s Day Proposals
As we move into February and March, another wave of engagements tends to happen thanks to Valentine’s Day proposals. After all, what better way is there for someone to show their love than by popping the question on this special day? Additionally, with tax returns on their way (or already here!), many couples find themselves with extra spending money that can go towards their dream wedding. So if you don’t want them snatching up your photographer first then now is definitely the time to get moving!

Running Out Of Time & Availability
Finally, when the new year rolls around many couples suddenly realize that they have less than time left until their big day arrives and begin scrambling around trying to secure vendors like photographers and DJs. However, at this point many popular vendors may no longer have any availability or may charge significantly higher rates than before due to demand. So if you don’t want this happening then it’s best not to wait too long before locking down a booking!

Waiting until spring might seem like an easy solution but it could cost you dearly in terms of lost opportunities or extra costs due to high demand from other couples who booked earlier than you did. Don’t forget that Christmas/New Year’s and Valentine’s Day engagements mean more competition for popular photographers as well as people ready to spend their tax return on making their dream wedding come true! So don’t wait – book your wedding photographer now so that you don’t miss out!

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