“Everyone can be 6’2”; you just have to have to be confident in yourself.” Wisdom by Andrew Jones

Super hyped to be joined by Andrew Jones of 10th Planet Bethlehem/Finishers MMA who gave up a great job to work full time for almost free to pursue his passion. This risky move ulitimately led to him becoming part owner of, arguably, one of the best and biggest jiu jitsu schools in the country. Andrew tells us how his passion for the art and his ability to share that passion with others, as well as having the support of his wife, brought him to the amazing place he is today.
You can find Andrew on IG @andrewjones10p and make sure to check out Finishers MMA/10th Planet Bethlehem at http://finishersmma.com/ and they’re sister school 10th Planet Allentown at https://www.10thplanetallentown.com/.

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